Pastor Ronald Engram is a native of Macon Ga. He has been a resident of Gray Ga. Since 2000. Pastor Engram is the husband of Elect Lady Emy Carlita Bautista. He is the son of the late Deacon James Engram and Mother Amy Engram the State Supervisor of Southern Ga. Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. He has two sisters, Missionary Cynthia Cooper and Doctor Brenda Salter.

In November 2007 after the demise of the late Elder Marshall Randolph, Pastor Engram was appointed by the late Bishop Jack Stephen as interim pastor and was later appointed in March 2008 as pastor of the Ash St. Church of God In Christ, 841 Ash St. Macon, Ga.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Macon District, the Board of Ordination for Southern Ga. Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, and formerly served as secretary of the Pastors and Elders Council.
He is the founder of the Young Men Ambassadors for Christ, and implemented from the national to the local church, the “Young Men of Valor”.

Pastor Engram completed courses in Business Administration from Atlanta Area Tech; a Graduate of Armstrong’s Supervisors Of The Future in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Completed Leadership courses from Penn State University, studied spiritual counseling from the America Association of Christian Counseling, and is a graduate of C.H. Mason Seminary.