Ash Street COGIC History


     Ash Street began as a “First Born Church” sometime during the year 1910. A hunger to have more of God’s indwelling was sweeping the nation during this time in the History of this country. A prayer meeting where people were receiving “The Holy Ghost” and speaking in other tongues out in California was what Christians were seeking to know more about in Macon and other cities in the South.

A Minister name William Joseph Seymour had attended a revival where Holiness was preached and he was touched by the Holy Ghost. He began to preach the need to live lives “free of sin.” This was not accepted by other Christian Denominations in this area. Other Christians who believed that God was speaking through this man of God were ready for “Pentecost” to come into their lives and began to hold prayer meetings in a house on Bay Street where they prayed to receive the “Holy Ghost.” Ash Street is significant in the history of “Holiness Churches” in the Southern locales of Georgia because it all began here.

The little house on Bay Street became a Church. The church membership continued to grow and a new location was required. In fact, it would need to move several times before moving to Ash Street because of membership growth. Just helping one another and praising God was all the Church membership was concerned with at that time in its history. Erecting a beautiful building to worship in was not its priority. The First-Born Church joined the Church of God in Christ movement and made its final move to Ash Street where it has remained until now.

There was great respect and desire to find God. Ash Street was a place where many sin-sick souls turned for solace. The Pentecostal movement was sweeping the country and many lost souls in Macon were ready to receive the “Holy Ghost” according to Acts 2:4. Ash Street was the known place to come and seek for the “Holy Ghost” and they did come, and God met them and many were saved and added to the Church membership.

Bishop Fred Winans, a well-known Bishop in the Church of God in Christ, moved to Macon from Greenville, Mississippi, and became the first appointed Pastor of Ash Street Church of God in Christ. After several years Bishop Winans was sent to Pastor another Church and had to leave Macon. Overseer, Bishop Riley Williams was appointed to Pastor Ash Street until Elder Lowery was sent to become Pastor.

After several years Bishop Winans returned to Pastor Ash Street again until his death. One cannot speak of Ash Street History without mentioning the contributions of the following saints: Bishop Winans and his powerful preaching, Mother Ada Gore and her prayers and teachings with only one thing in mind; pray until the unsaved are saved, even if it takes hours; Missionary Bessie Anderson, who sang souls to submission to Christ, Deacon Losey, and Brothers Thomas, Bowden, Todd, Stephens, Bivens, Reynolds, Johnson, and Giddon; all men who worked untiringly to make sure God’s work continued and there was a place for lost souls to come and fine hope.

After Bishop Winans died Bishop C. J. Hicks became the Pastor of Ash Street. After the death of Bishop Strickland, Bishop Hicks because Bishop of the Southern Georgia Jurisdiction. Bishop Hicks was a leader who felt the Jurisdiction needed to be built up. He felt that he needed to be away from Ash Street for much time in order to help the churches in his Jurisdiction; so he appointed Elder William Greene to be his Assistant Pastor in 1971. Bishop Hicks’ health condition caused him to not be able to attend church regularly beginning in 2000, so Elder Greene was appointed Pastor of Ash Street and served in this position until his death in 2002.

Upon the death of Elder Greene, Elder Marshall Randolph was appointed Pastor by the late Bishop Jack Stephens in 2002. Elder Randolph served until his death in 2007. Upon the death of Elder Randolph, our present Pastor, Bishop Ronald Engram was appointed Pastor.

In 2013, Pastor Engram, under the unction of the Holy Ghost was commissioned to renovate the existing structure. By God’s grace and favor and through the leadership of Pastor Engram, Ash St. was successfully renovated into the beautiful edifice that we as a church community currently enjoy.

In 2020, the nation was thrust into a global pandemic. The widespread effects of the Corona Virus known as COVID-19 changed the way that churches throughout the nation and abroad functioned. While many churches had to eventually close their doors, the Lord allowed Ash St. to continue to flourish. Because of the infectious nature of the disease, Pastor Engram was led to have church services in the parking lot of the church. These services were affectionately known as “Pull Up and Praise”. During this time, Ash St. also renewed its commitment to the surrounding area around the church and the community as a whole by continuing to help those in need through its outreach feedings and ministry in the area.

On June 23, 2021, Bishop Designate Engram was consecrated and installed as the Prelate of the Southern Georgia Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Under his leadership, Ash St. Church of God in Christ has continued to serve the community in many ways. Whenever needs have been made known concerning those who have lived in the neighborhood, whether members of Ash Street or not members of Ash Street, the members of this Church were and still are always available and ready to help.

In this world of turmoil and at this time when love for one another has waxed cold in our society, Ash Street is determined to remain in this neighborhood as a light in the midst of so much darkness. The prayers of long ago, by so many concerned saints, that every soul is worth saving, is still what motivates the saints at Ash Street to pray for all mankind and remain here as a place of refuge for those that may need a “hand up.” If staying in the neighborhood and being a beacon of light in the midst of all of the darkness in our world is Ash Street’s calling in this world, then Ash Street will be here.

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